Promalin® - Plant Growth Regulator
Sumitomo Promalin®, Promalin® in india - Feb 18, 2024

Sumitomo Promalin® - Best Plant Growth Regulator for Apple

Promalin® Helps Shape Success for Apple Growers.

Promalin® is the world's leading Biorational Product for the ADVANCED APPLE FRUIT MANAGEMENT for MAXIMUM FRUIT QUALITY. It is also considered as the best harvest management tool. Promalin® is known for its multifaceted benefits.

Promalin® is a mixture of two plant growth regulator Gibberellic acid, which causes cell enlargement and elongation and 6-benzyladenine (6-BA) which promotes cell division. These effects only take place in plant tissues and only during the very early development of the fruitlet. The result is a larger fruit with more cells and larger cells.

In addition, the gibberellins help to improve the overall fruit finish, which makes the fruits look more appealing and marketable resulting in a greater ROI.


  • Increase in size: Promalin® improves length and diameter (L:D) ratio of apples.
  • Fruit Weight = Higher Yield: Promalin® increases fruit weight which leade to higher yield.
  • Fruit shape - typiness: Promalin® improves the size of the fruit and its shape (typiness) through the elongation of the fruit and development of more prominent calyx lobes.
  • Increases Packout: By improving fruit size and shape Promalin® increases Packout.
  • Better Marketable Value: Quality apples with better typiness, weight and elongated fruit fetches good marketable value for grower.

Promalin® : Results in Apple Farming

Promalin® : Results in Apple Farming Promalin® : Results in Apple Farming


  • Genuine Product by Sumitomo India.
  • CIB - GOI Approved Product.
  • Unique Pack with Safety Feature.
  • Great tool for Superior Quality Apple.
original bottle of Promalin®

Promalin® Safety Features

The brand new Promalin® pack comes with 2 safety features to ensure genuine and original Promalin® supply to the growers.

How to identify the original bottle of Promalin®

1. Tamper Proof Cap: Original Promalin® comes with Unique Tamper Proof Cap, that once broken cannot be reused and thus avoids duplicacy.

2. Hologram Strip : Promalin® bottle has Coded Unigram Strip at the bottom of label, which can be read only by specialized lenses which are available at all key shops.

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