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Temperature, Application Time - Mar 05, 2023

What are the ideal spraying conditions for Promalin® applications?

Promalin® Helps Shape Success for Apple Growers.

Promalin® is the world's leading Biorational Product for the ADVANCED APPLE FRUIT MANAGEMENT for MAXIMUM FRUIT QUALITY. It is also considered as the best harvest management tool. Promalin® is known for its multifaceted benefits.

a) Temperature: For Promalin® to be absorbed and work in the tissue, the plant metabolism must be active. Thus, very low and very high temperatures must be avoided. Best results are obtained at temperatures above 60˚F and below 90˚F.

b) Slow drying of the spray material allows for higher penetration of Promalin® into the plant tissue. Avoid low relative humidity (less than 40%) and windy conditions. Early mornings and late evenings are usually desirable spraying times, as long as the temperature is adequate.

Dosage & Time of Application

Most of the Indian apple varieties Including Red and Royal Delicious are characterized by "Typiness", which is the key quality indicator. Consumer preferences dictate that more the "typy" the Red and Royal Delicious, the better. So for desired benefit, use Promalin® at Full Bloom stage of Apple.

Dosage of Promalin®

Use Promalin® 1.25 ml per 1 litre of water volume.

Note: Promalin® recommended dosage ranges between 840-1680 ml per hectare in 1000 liters of water.

Caution: 1.25 ml per 1 litre water recommendation is based on our internal trial at farmer fields.

Direction of use:

Always mix 125ml in 100 liters of water only. Don't make stock solutions in small quantity of water.

Application Window:

Use PromalinRat Full Bloom stage of Apple.

Promalin dose and timing

Available Pack Sizes: 1 Litre, 500 ml.

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