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Promalin®, Use of Promalin® - Mar 26, 2023

What is the use of Promalin® in Apple?

Promalin® Helps Shape Success for Apple Growers. Promalin® is the world's leading Biorational Product for the ADVANCED APPLE FRUIT MANAGEMENT for MAXIMUM FRUIT QUALITY. It is also considered as the best harvest management tool. Promalin® is known for its multifaceted benefits.

Promalin® is a mixture of naturally occurring plant growth regulator Gibberellic acid, which causes cell enlargement and elongation and 6-benzyladenine (6-BA) which promotes cell division.

These effects only take place in plant tissues and only during the very early development of the fruitlet. The result is a larger fruit with more cells and larger cells.

In addition, the gibberellins help reduce fruit russet and improve overall fruit finish, which makes the fruit looks more appealing and marketable resulting in a greater ROI.

Promalin® : Benefits in Apple Farming

Increase in Size : Promalin® improves length and diameter (L:D) ratio of apples.

Increase in Set After Frost : Promalin® increases fruit set of apples after frost.

Fruit Shape - Typiness : Promalin® improves the size of the fruit and its shape (typiness) through the elongation of the fruit and development of more prominent calyx lobes.

Promotes Branching : Promalin® increases lateral bud break and shoot growth, improves branch angles, and provides a better tree framework for early cropping.

Reduces Russet : Promalin® enhances fruit finish and increases its value.

Promalin® : Results in Apple Farming

Promalin® : Results in Apple Farming Promalin® : Results in Apple Farming

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