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Alternate Bearing, Thinning - Mar 05, 2023

What is the effect of Promalin® applications on alternate bearing?

Promalin® Helps Shape Success for Apple Growers.

Promalin® is the world's leading Biorational Product for the ADVANCED APPLE FRUIT MANAGEMENT for MAXIMUM FRUIT QUALITY. It is also considered as the best harvest management tool. Promalin® is known for its multifaceted benefits.

Effect of Promalin® applications on alternate bearing?

The use of Promalin® can help alleviate the alternate bearing problem when used in combination with a good thinning program and other cultural practices.

6-BA is known to stimulate flower bud induction and increase return bloom the following year.

How to identify the original bottle of Promalin®

Also, depending on the rate and variety, 6-BA will thin some of the weak fruitlets that normally produce small fruit; this reduces the inhibition effect that this year’s crop has on the formation of flower buds for next year’s crop.

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