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Mode of Action, Working - Mar 05, 2023

What is the mode of action of Promalin®?

The two ingredients in Promalin® contribute to increase fruit size: 6-BA stimulates cell division, and GA4+7 causes cell expansion. These effects only take place in plant tissues and only during the very early development...

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Promalin® Content, Promalin® Technical - Mar 05, 2023

What's the ingredient in Promalin®?

Promalin® has two ingredients. The first is a mixture of two natural gibberellins commonly found in plants: Gibberellins 4 and Gibberellins 7. The second is a compound also found in nature classified as a cytokinin...

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Promalin® Dose, Promalin® Spray Time - Mar 05, 2023

What is the dose & spray time of Promalin®?

Most of the Indian apple varieties Including Red and Royal Delicious are characterized by "Typiness", which is the key quality indicator. Consumer preferences dictate that more the "typy" the Red and Royal Delicious...

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Temperature, Application Time - Mar 05, 2023

What are the ideal spraying conditions for Promalin® applications?

For Promalin® to be absorbed and work in the tissue, the plant metabolism must be active. Thus, very low and very high temperatures must be avoided. Best results are obtained at temperatures above 60˚F and below 90˚F...

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Original Promalin®, Identification - Mar 05, 2023

How to identify the original bottle of Promalin®?

The brand new Promalin® pack comes with 2 safety features to ensure genuine and original Promalin® supply to the growers. Original Promalin® comes with Unique Tamper Proof Cap, that once broken cannot be reused and thus avoids duplicacy...

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