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Russet, Prevent Russetting - Mar 05, 2023

How to use Promalin® to prevent russet?

Promalin® Helps Shape Success for Apple Growers.

Promalin® is the world's leading Biorational Product for the ADVANCED APPLE FRUIT MANAGEMENT for MAXIMUM FRUIT QUALITY. It is also considered as the best harvest management tool. Promalin® is known for its multifaceted benefits.

Prevent Russet

To reduce russet, Promalin® increases the elasticity and production rate of the outer epidermal cells of the expanding fruit.

Promalin® will help reduce russet at the normal timing for fruit type and size enhancement effects. However, when russet reduction is the main objective, the products of choice are ProVide or Regulex.

How to identify the original bottle of Promalin

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